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Cyan Worlds Restores MOULa Account Creation

Some good news for those attempting to take their first steps into the cavern...or trying to regain control of their existing accounts.

Cyan Worlds, Inc., with the help of Mac[_Fife] of, have restored the Account Creation and Password Reset systems!  As many probably noticed, both of those functions have been offline since late last month.  Since then, the company has been working when they can to restore these essential systems so new people can experience D'ni.

From Chogon's post:

Hi all,

The MOULa account creation and password reset is back ONLINE and ready for use (I see already several have created new accounts!).

Many thanks to Mac_Fife for allowing Cyan to use the account creation and password reset system that he wrote for And with his help I was able integrate it into the MOULa servers (which have a different account system).
And besides getting the account creation back online, we now have a more easily maintainable system than before.

Thanks for everyone's patience and support!


Many thanks to everyone that contributed to getting these crucial functions restored.  Welcome to all newcomers who have been trying to get in...and to those returning with recovered passwords!

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Tim Larkin DMR Interview Confirmed!

The D'ni Musicological Research Hood has finalized the details for its latest interview: Tim Larkin, sound designer for Riven: The Sequel to Myst and composer for URU: Ages Beyond Myst, its expansions, as well as Myst V: End of Ages, will sit down for an interview this May!

You may remember the DMR's previous interviews with Robyn Miller and Jack Wall.  Much like those, this interview will be broadcast live on their Ustream at the set time.  All questions for Mr. Larkin can be submitted in this thread.

Join the proceedings in-game in the DMR hood on Saturday, May 4th at 18:00 KI time.  A recorded version of the interview will most likely be made available afterward for those that can't make it.

Localisation dans D'ni: 
D'ni Musicological Research's Hood
Date de l'événement: 
Mai 4, 2013 - 18:00

Riven disponible sur iPad


Cyan World, Inc. s'y est remis ! Ils viennent, avec succès, d'adapter Riven : La Suite de Myst à l'iPad ; l'équipement dans sa totalité arrive juste à rentrer dans 2GB. Voilà la déclaration de l'entreprise à la presse :


Cyan Worlds a le plaisir d'annoncer la sortie de Riven sur iPad, disponible sur l'App Store. Nous avons réalisé cette version avec amour et soin. Ça n'a pas été facile, mais nous avons réussi à intégrer images, films et sons avec leur nouvelle configuration dans la taille limite de 2Gi. Vous pouvez l'obtenir au prix spécial de 5.99 $ US, alors ne laissez pas passer l'occasion !


La date de fin de la promotion n'est pas indiquée très clairement sur la page du site d'Apple, donc si l'offre vous intéresse, autant l'acquérir au plus vite. Il n'a pas encore été précisé non plus si le jeu ou bien Myst seront adaptés à des smartphones et tablettes Android, mais c'est une possibilité que Cyan n'a pas encore officiellement exclue. La Guilde des Messagers vous tiendra informés de toute nouvelle information !

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All Guilds Meeting - January 2013

Another month, another All Guilds Meeting. This time, Doobes was on a well-deserved vacation, so Lyrositor took over moderating duties for this month. As usual, both cleansed and raw logs are available for your viewing pleasures, as well as the customary summary of the event:

Christian Walther

Christian was our first speaker and summed up the recent series of events concerning the licensing problems with Bink, which interrupted the normal flow of development and testing. To be concise, a portion of Uru's code was discovered by RAD Game Tools (makers of the Bink video codec) to contain copyrighted code from their Software Development Kit (SDK). They demanded that the code be removed from all CWE repositories, an arduous task to say the least. Developers promptly began the process of rewriting repository history to remove these files. Most of the work has been acheived by now, fortunately, and only a few tasks remain, and H'uru has already resumed its normal development pace. Lire la suite

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MOULa Forums Issue - Unexpected Downtime

At approximately 3pm EST the MOULa forums experienced unexpected technical difficulties.

Chogan of Cyan Worlds has been informed of the issue by Mac_fife of (and also a MOULa forum moderator), who has passed along this comment to GoMe:

Mac_Fife wrote:

There's a technical issue related to the hosting service that provides the MOUL forums that is beyond Chogon's ability to deal with directly. It'll need attention from others at Cyan once they are back at work on Wednesday. Sorry, but there seems little prospect of the forums returning before then.

We here at the Guild of Messengers are asking for your patience, understanding, and continued support for Cyan Worlds while this problem is resolved. 

 Thank you, and safe journeys within the cavern!

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